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Workability, handiness, versatility, energy saving and chipness are synonymes of Muroform modular system. Our panels are manufactured with syntherized expanded polystyrene, or EPS.
This material owns several ideal features: EPS is CFC free, so it can be used even in delicate rooms and it’s totally recyclable. It’s Class 1 fire reaction, it answers to safety standards needed for public places setting up. Polystyrene has a lower specific gravity, compared to other materials, so this feature allows our panels to be easily and quickly handed and put into effect. Big settings can be built up with moderate weights. For installation skilled labour is not requested.
The polystyrene ductility allows the organizer to cut and work panels to fit their sizes to every room.
Muroform panels can be installed on masonry walls, painted or not, plasterboard walls, wooden or laminated wood walls, metallic or glass walls. Once Muroform is put into effect, joints among panels can be filled applying on them a layer of water diluted filler, subsequently, painted with water color or acrylics. The system is able to offer a good level of thermal and acoustic insulation. Panels are moulded in high density polystyrene: 40 Kg/cu.m. The company supplies panels in natural white color, allowing customers to finish them with hydropaints, acrylic paints, resins and cementitious materials for increasing the “stone effect”. By demand, we can develop new panel textures on customers design specifications.


Our production includes also formworks with negative imprint mould, made in syntherized EPS, for decorating concrete artefacts and buildings. The concrete has the print left from the plate, and the wall, once formworks are removed, is ready to be further painted or decorated. Plates are light and they don’t need joints to be put into effect. By demand we design formworks with special prints.

ACCESSORIES products range also includes sintered expanded polystyrene 3D ornamental feature which shows the same item A001 texture and which can be used for covering right angle surfaces.